Energy Transition for Energy Suppliers2024-06-11T06:05:04+00:00

Energy transition for energy suppliers & municipal utilities

We help optimize energy systems with data.

Energy suppliers are playing an increasingly central role in the energy transition. In the future, they will be a shaping factor in the transition to renewable energies. This is precisely why an implementation-oriented approach is important. To ensure that you are optimally positioned for this, we provide comprehensive support to decisively advance the energy transition with digitalization. Exploit all digital possibilities and use existing and new data sources to your advantage.


These are the services we offer energy suppliers

Integrated analysis, planning and strategic evaluation2024-06-23T10:23:55+00:00

With Greenventory company support, the existing situation and potential can be analyzed and integrated supply concepts for your neighborhoods, heating networks or the entire area can be generated in a comparison of variants. We would be happy to evaluate the associated operator and business models with you.

Municipal heat planning2024-06-14T10:44:25+00:00

Heat planning is already mandatory for cities and municipalities in many places. We support you in a partnership and modular way to provide all required services. These include:

  • The inventory analysis of the heat demand and the supply structure,
  • The potential analysis of renewable energies and waste heat,
  • The development of climate neutral target scenarios &
  • The establishment of a heat transition strategy with a transformation plan and implementation recommendations.
Implementation-oriented services and digital (sales) processes2024-06-14T10:44:31+00:00

With our help, you can offer new energy services to municipalities and local industrial and commercial customers and digitize the sales process of PV systems and heat products to your end customer.

Digital innovation


Especially now that smart meters and LoRaWAN are making the topic of Big Data more and more relevant, we offer the right know-how and the appropriate platform to analyze and evaluate this data in an individual and target-oriented way. Even data-intensive and demanding projects are no problem thanks to our modular technology. It will make your clean energy transition as easy as possible.

The advantages for energy suppliers & municipal utilities

Energy transition for energy suppliers and municipal utilities


How can we support you with our data?

We sustainably advance your energy projects.

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