The Energy Turnaround for Housing Associations, Chain Stores and Corporations

We show you energy potentials for renewable sources

Companies are increasingly positioning themselves sustainably for the future. Large factories, halls or residential buildings in particular offer optimal areas for photovoltaic systems and renewable energies. In addition, large waste heat potential is often available at production sites or data centers. With our modular software platform, you can analyze your energy potential individually for all locations. In this way, we jointly create a roadmap for sustainable energy feed-in for your building portfolio. In this way, you comply with the Energy Services Act and can be audited.


These are the services we offer corporations

Data-based potential analysis2023-11-29T09:12:29+00:00

We analyze CO footprint and potentials for photovoltaics, solar thermal, battery storage solutions, and tenant electricity. According to your needs and possibilities, so that you can effectively drive the switch to renewable energy.

Comprehensive data-based consulting2023-11-29T09:18:31+00:00

Our strong team of experts and partners provides renewable energy consulting services to give you the right knowledge from the energy and real estate sector to support you in the best possible way.

Individual supply concepts2023-11-29T09:19:00+00:00

Our software analyzes and evaluates your existing building portfolio and properties on an individual basis and identifies the right supply concept for you.

Interactive sustainability2023-11-29T09:19:26+00:00

All information for the energy potentials of your buildings can be prepared as a web-based map in an appealing and clear way and conveniently integrated on your company website.

Sustainable energy transition building blocks2023-11-29T09:19:53+00:00

For a long-term sustainability strategy, further steps can be determined and planned individually.

The advantages for companies

Energy transition for corporations


How can we support you with our data?

Together with you, we bring your energy projects forward sustainably.

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