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Digital energy planning through innovative technology and a digital twin


High tech and software for the digital energy transition

Energiewende mit der greenventory Software


High tech and know-how for the digital energy transition

Application benefits

Take advantage of our modular software kit

We have an effective solution for digitalization in the power sector. You select the modules you need from a range of modules and have the data evaluated that is relevant for your project. Our modules offer advantages for all customer groups.

The functions of our software platform

How do we develop digitalization in the energy sector?

Energiesysteme Karten
Digital Energy Mapping

Visual representation of your energy system for a cross-divisional planning and decision-making basis.

Define Project teams

The user administration allows you to integrate additional departments or external actors in a data protection-compliant manner.

Detailed Insights

From individual buildings to the entire area, you can keep track of everything and view detailed information at every viewing level.

Berichte & Dokumentationen

Export graphs and data and create comprehensive reports on your territory and projects.

Kommunikation Projekte

Involve and inform the public about your project or within the framework of web-based information campaigns such as a photovoltaic offensive.

Planung Projekte
Planning tool and comparison of variants

Software-based, energy potentials can be determined quickly and clearly, decision parameters derived and variants compared with regard to technical, economic and ecological aspects.


How can we support you with our technology and expert knowledge?

We sustainably advance your energy projects according to your individual needs.

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Founder, Head of Business Development

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