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Energy transition for municipalities & cities

We help to successfully implement municipal energy projects.

The most important contributions to the energy transition are made at the municipal and city level. In order for you to advance the energy transition for municipalities in an implementation-oriented and participatory manner with local stakeholders and citizens, we support you. We help with the inventory and evaluation of existing energy potentials up to the planning of your energy projects. We are also happy to offer support in identifying suitable funding programs. This way, you can direct your energy towards implementation and communication.


These are the services we offer municipalities

Municipal heat planning2024-06-14T10:43:48+00:00

Municipal heat planning is already mandatory in many places. We provide you with targeted support in approaching the topic of heating in a holistic manner. Our fields of action include:

  • The determination of the heat demand and the supply structure,
  • The potential analysis of renewable energies and waste heat,
  • The development of consumption and supply scenarios &
  • The development of a heat transition strategy with a timetable and implementation recommendation.
Potential analysis2024-06-14T10:43:53+00:00

Find out what potential your municipality has! We can actively support you in this and carry out building- and area-specific surveys of the technical, economic and ecological potential:

  • Renewable power sources:
    – PV: Open space and roof area
    – Wind power
    – Hydropower
    – CHP sites
  • Renewable heat sources:
    – Biomass
    – Geothermal: Deep, 100m and collectors
    – Solar thermal: Open space and roof area
    – Waste heat: from rivers, lakes and waste water
    – Locations for CHP heat from renewable energies
Decision support for (integrated) energy, heat and mobility projects2024-06-14T10:43:58+00:00

To actively drive forward the renewable energy transition in your city or municipality, you need above all reliable information and analysis capabilities. Our experts help you gather information, evaluate it and interpret it in order to make sound, future-oriented decisions.

Participation formats to accelerate implementation2024-06-23T10:20:32+00:00

The energy transition needs local initiatives and interaction between local stakeholders to succeed. A digital, interactive and collaborative approach is the basis for success. By integrating our web service into your website, building owners can independently analyze potentials for themselves and configure potential solutions such as a PV system. The optional storage of your local partners (tradesmen, energy suppliers) ultimately ensures that informed building owners can easily and purposefully find their way to implementation with trustworthy partners in a subsequent step.

Energy master planning and climate protection concepts2024-06-14T10:44:10+00:00

In order to successfully implement your planning, we support you in the needs analysis, the conception, as well as the decision-making. We show you clearly which CO₂-Savings are possible and which renewable energy sources can be used in which application in your municipality.

Individual projects2024-06-14T10:44:15+00:00

We are at your side for all energy issues, from individual buildings to heating networks or neighborhood concepts: Depending on your needs, we provide renewable energy consulting and support you in identifying, planning or monitoring the implementation of energy projects.

The advantages for municipalities & cities

Energy transition for municipalities and cities


How can we support you with our data?

In close cooperation with you, we sustainably advance your energy projects.

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