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Renewable energy consulting services from Greenventory Company

Welcome to your partner for the energy transition. Use the means of digitization for the energy transition and for any kind of energy projects. We offer renewable energy consulting services to analyze your energy potential, uncover future opportunities, develop new ideas and we provide data-supported decision-making aids for your energy systems.

Our purpose

Implement the energy transition faster and better with digital planning.

Our team ready to provide green energy consulting for you
Our purpose

Implement the energy transition faster and better with digital planning.

Our green energy consulting is driving the energy transition forward based on data

We have set ourselves the goal of helping the energy transition get off the ground. To do this, we inventory energy systems and prepare a decision-making aid based on complete data. Because on a comprehensive database with a digital evaluation, you can make faster, more targeted decisions based on individual criteria. This allows you to implement projects quickly and in a goal-oriented manner. With individual green energy consulting and modular software solutions, we successfully implement energy projects. This is how we drive the energy transition forward.

Our Promise

Make energy potential visible

Our expertise

Driving the energy transition forward with high-tech and know-how

This is what we do specifically for your energy projects and energy systems:

Renewable energy consulting for optimizing the energy system

Green power consulting

Energy projects individually optimized

We provide green energy consulting for municipalities and cities, municipal utilities and energy suppliers as well as network operators and companies with individual advice on a large number of energy projects. In combination with our tailor-made solutions and modular software products, we help to find and implement the best energy solution for you.

Network Operator
Energy Suppliers & Municipal Utilities
Municipalities & Cities
Our software

Data-driven decision support for energy projects from green energy consulting company

greenventory’s technology, developed with a great deal of experience, is the basis for a modular, highly flexible software platform. As a web-based solution, it ensures clarity and transparency in energy projects. With a variety of data sources and modules, our green energy consulting company reliably analyzes and plans projects from one building to entire regions.

Our software solution
Green power consulting based on data-driven decisions
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