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Energy Transition for Grid Operators

We help you with network and heat planning

For network operators, sector coupling is increasingly in focus in the course of the energy transition. It is therefore important to plan electricity, gas and heating networks in a forward-looking and integrated manner – sometimes also in combination with municipal heating planning. To ensure that you have all the information you need for the process of the energy transition for grid operators, we support you with building parameters, potentials, technology forecasts, building-specific profiles and evaluated concepts. Our unique software solution forms the technological core for an automated and always up-to-date inventory and analysis of your network area.


These are the services we offer for grid system energy transition

Energy transition for grid operators

These are the services we offer for grid system energy transition

Inventory analysis2023-11-29T09:11:57+00:00

Based on numerous data sources and, if necessary, including your GIS data, we inventory and plausibilize the initial situation in your network area at the building level for the most effective grid system energy transition.

Potential analysis for renewable energies2023-11-29T09:20:28+00:00

With the help of our software, we determine the relevant potentials of renewable energies for you, especially for photovoltaics on roofs and open spaces and for wind energy.

Transformation plans and technology forecasts2023-11-29T09:20:56+00:00

Taking these local structures into account, our green energy consulting company can develop target scenarios, transformation plans or heat plans and thus develop interlinked technology forecasts on the topics of e-mobility, PV expansion, battery storage or heat pumps.

Determination of concrete load profiles2023-11-29T09:21:26+00:00

For precise target network planning, we offer you building- or network node-specific generation and load profiles with realistic simultaneities.

Use data and drive decisions2023-11-29T10:53:49+00:00

We export all data via flexible interfaces for use in your GIS and thus develop a basis for tapping cross-divisional synergies. At the same time, we can dovetail network planning with other planning tools such as heat planning.

Digital innovations2023-11-29T09:28:00+00:00

When it comes to big data, we offer the right know-how and the right platform to analyze and evaluate the collected data individually and in a targeted manner. Thanks to our modular technology, even demanding, data-intensive projects for large network areas are no problem. So your green energy transition will be as easy as possible.

Advantages of the energy transition for grid operators

Grid system energy transition


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