Photovoltaic expansion city of Staufen & Stadtwerke Müllheim-Staufen

Potential identification and citizen participation in one.


In cooperation with the city of Staufen and the Müllheim-Staufen public utility company, we have determined the photovoltaic potential of the entire city. In an interactive participation format, all citizens can see which renewable energy reserves are lying dormant on the roofs.

To ensure that solar energy can be used effectively, the three partners from the city, municipal utilities and greenventory have launched an innovation project for Staufen that is unique in Germany to date. To this end, the Freiburg-based start-up analyzed a total of 4,442 buildings for the entire city of Staufen using satellite images and other parameters. The algorithm developed by greenventory determines the potential for photovoltaic systems on a building-specific basis.


Interactive overview of PV potentials

The special highlight is the web tool that allows all citizens to see for themselves on a map on which buildings solar panels can be installed for the most efficient energy generation. The calculation takes into account not only the size and orientation of the roofs, but also the position of the sun. In just a few clicks, all users can see where in Staufen the most solar energy can be used. This realistic analysis and preparation of information is a decisive factor for successful participation and the basis for a well-founded discussion. Because all the information is already on the table, so to speak.

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