Open space analysis in Denzlingen

Discover potential areas for ground-mounted solar plants.

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The community of Denzlingen has set itself the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2035. The use of solar energy should help to achieve this goal. With the help of greenventory, the municipality has now identified and evaluated possible open spaces for ground-mounted solar plants.

Exploiting opportunities in the solar sector

“In order to preserve the basis of life for future generations, Denzlingen wants to be climate neutral in terms of greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 and switch its energy supply to renewable energies,” says Mayor Markus Hollemann. To achieve this goal, Denzlingen wants to greatly expand the use of solar energy. Especially in the area of PV, the community sees great opportunities. Greenventory has therefore carried out a potential analysis, in the course of which the open spaces in Denzlingen are identified and evaluated. In this way, it can be determined at which locations an open space ground-mounted solar plant would be attractive.

The open space analysis provides information on promising solar parks

For the open space analysis, greenventory first used geodata to identify suitable areas. In the next step, with the help of a plant design, the possible power generation and the expected costs of the PV plants could be calculated. Subsequently, these areas could be grouped: Solar parks are created from these groupings, through which the PV systems can be planned, operated, and connected to the storm grid together.

Nine projects for solar parks are examined in more detail

Finally, an evaluation and prioritization of all possible projects took place, where further parameters (such as EEG eligibility and land ownership) were considered. A total of 13 concrete projects for the construction of solar parks were elaborated, which were evaluated in detail with fact sheets. Of these, nine sites for ground-mounted photovoltaics are now to be investigated in more detail, the Denzlingen municipal council decided. In the further course, the municipality can now tackle the implementation planning of the individual projects together with a PV plant project developer.


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